Learn how to love your singleness

Learn how to love your singleness


Now, this is a big topic, Learning How To Love Your Singleness! There are so many single ladies that ask this same question over and over, “how can I make myself happy without a man?”   It’s Easy! You must love the Lord Jesus and allow Him to be your companion.  The Lord allows us to go through certain stages in our lives for growth and we impatiently want to hurry the process.  The biggest complaint is being alone and desiring a company keeper but unfortunately, that eventually leads to sexual impurity, which is unacceptable to the Lord.

Ladies, I know it is very difficult to go through your lives looking at married couples that appear to be happy, when in many cases what you see is not real.  You are now mad at God because someone else has a husband and you don’t.  You can sometimes even become envious of other’s happiness, which again is not of God.  The devil is evil and will do anything to misguide you but you must trust in the Lord and wait for him to supply your every need.  In the meanwhile, you must Make Your Singleness Sufficient.  If you are not in church, start there and get busy.

Many single women are living their lives thinking of ways to attract a husband?  Unfortunately, in that pursuit they are attracting all sorts of spirits (con artist, cheater, free loader, abuser, etc).  Whether we want to believe it or not, the only one that can make that provision is God and it’s made according to our faithfulness.  God said, “He would withhold no good thing from those who walk uprightly before him”.  You don’t want some of the (Men Spirits) that I just named.   If you can just be patient and wait on the Lord, he will bless you for your faithfulness and when God blesses, He blesses real GOOD!

My advise, please don’t make your move to soon!  Be patient and let God do it for YOU!

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  1. I have had my share of men in my days looking for love in all the wrong places. Once i stopped looking for love i found the man of my dreams. The single life gets a little lonely every now and again but as the blog says you have to love yourself and god first, and i did just that and ended up in the most gracious relationship i thought i would never find. So with that being said i am thankful for what the lord has given to me which is the man i have been waiting for my whole life and i have god to thank for that.

  2. Singleness for me is very much new and it is very hard to embrace it after being in a relationship for 13 yrs with 2 children. I instantly went out looking for another relationship and end up being miserable and married for 10 years. Im now single and my kids are grown so im not looking anymore its hard to embrace my singleness but like you said if i embrace my faith and live my life the way I suppose to with my faith I may find a partner and I may not but Im in a good place because its in God’s hand.

  3. Singleness. at first i was so very lost seeing how i dealt with such an over powering man for over 8 years being single was very very overwhelming, i thought as though the world was crumbling down on me and me three children.Once i decided to just let go and put it all in the lords hands i have seen such a change in my kids and my single life.I LOVE MY SINGLENESS!

  4. i can relate to this , because ive been single and at a point in time i felt like i needed a man to be in my bed at night or to just be with me at all times . Just the thought of being lonley is not fun it brings some people down but then ,i would sit and think to myself no guy is ready for what im ready for the couple that ive come across and i thought i loved or they loved me , was just on a toataly difrrent level from , me so from that point on i told myself just have fun while im single and when the timne is right , the lord wll send someone my way , someone who’s for me and like/love me for me . so the guy i thought i was so inlove with ended up getting me pregnat , i didnt abord my son that was the last thing that was on my mind i was only thinking like okay yeah now i got something to keep him around but through out my pregnacy and even once i had my son i realized that a baby want keep no man , and that i should just move on and take care of me and ,my son and i did just that . now 2 years later my high school sweet heart even before hgh school , in juinor high i was dating him something had just happend and we got separated but we found our way back to one another , i alwasy thought about him and wondered what he was up to , we had been dealing with eachother for 8 years . i know this guy and he’s nothing like my son dad , me and my son dad diidnt even have hostory i dont even know how or why i loved him , but now im 6 months pregant with the guy that i was dealing with for 8 years on and off child i know some of you maybe reading this like how dumb can you be or what ever but he’s a good guy my grandmother my brother and everyone else likes him he treats me right takes care of me and my son , i know what type of guy he is , if he was like any other i wouldnt be pregant or even dealing with him

  5. all i can say is i love my singlenesss i definitley do not need a man i love everything about being single its less stress and u have more time to think about yourself !

  6. i am a single mom and i had to learn when you are looking for love the devil will supply it for you everything but what you need from a god fearing man

  7. I’m a single mom. I have my good days and my bad ones, as do we all. I never looked for a man to make me feel complete. I feel I can do for myself! Nevertheless, I have issues with is my faith. I have struggles but I pray about them. I know GOD will help me through when he see’s fit. Then I will get married and only then.

  8. I use to say I wanted a Man Of God, someone to grow with in church. I lost all faith in the church and God. I don’t know what to believe anymore. But as for me being a single mom it gets hard, but I don’t think I need a man to validate me. Actually for me its hard to trust any man, I have build this wall to where I feel that will protect me from getting hurt by any man.

  9. Reading this blog makes me want to speak and give some of my friends some word of encouragement to let them know that just cause I man gave up on them don’t mean they have to give up on the man above because the man above can also send them a better man if they continue to praise and worship the lord.

  10. Hey Mrs. Debbie

    I want to start off saying I love your Blog, and how it inspires women or girls to become a true meaning of a woman.

    Being single isn’t hard, it’s what you make out of it. I love the fact that it addresses issues of most women whom are having a hard time understanding the true meaning of self control of the mind. Thank you for the inspirational words of being a women.


  12. Hello Debbie,

    Thank you for starting this blog.

    There are so many of us struggling with these issues.

    What you are saying is real and to the point.

    I will read further and try to apply your suggestions to my life as I need them. So far God has lead me in the right path and, as some of you know satan sure likes to put some things that he knows will cause you to stumble on your mind.

    We must always stay in the WORD for if you don’t the heaviness of life will creep in and make it seem like the bad way is the easy way but, as we have to keep in mind will look attractive at first but, in time will twist on you and turn you in wrong direction. We must keep in mind that satan is a full time deceiver.


  13. Ebony,
    I am very happy that you visited my website and enjoyed one of the topics. I hope we will stay connected moving forward. Also, please take a moment to visit other great pages on my site such as God’s Plan of salvation, music and more! I appreciate meeting you by phone and thank you for the kind help that you provided me. You are a very lovely young lady. Pass my site on to your friends and I look forward to hearing from you again. 🙂 Jesus Loves You and so do I.

    • Hello Ebony not sure if you received my last reply but I am delighted that you took the time to look over my blog. Hope we will stay in touch and hope the messages helped you.

  14. I really enjoyed reading this message. It brings to light some very good points.

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