Dealing with divorce


It is real difficult to start all over after experiencing a life of marriage.  We may not realize it but the very moment that hammer comes down and the Judge says DIVORCED, it is something incomprehensible.  You know you are free but some parts of you feel it’s not over.  You remain in a state of limbo for a while and many times go through separation pains of depression.  However, if the divorce was not your doing or your fault  and you did everything you could to make it work, it is time to move forward in the strength of the Lord.  I say the strength of the Lord because many times we immediately start seeking another comforter unknowingly to take the place of the one you just lost resulting in a much worse predicament.   You now need time with God and Him alone to learn how to love YOU!  You were hand crafted by the Maker and He and He alone can only deliver you from the emptiness you are now experiencing and YOURSELF!

On the other hand, if you were the cause of the divorce and wasn’t what one would call the perfect wife, then you may continue to go in and out of future relationships.  If this is you, you need Jesus.  You will never be whole until you find peace with the Lord.  It is not the person you divorces, it is YOU.  You have most likely gotten rid of the best thing you ever had and the devil will not allow you to realize it until way down the road.  Most women that think it is all about them and have no regards for marriage usually end up old and very alone.  What they are not realizing, they are aging every day (time never stops) and still desiring to partake in the youthful things of life. Wake up!  You have past that stage and now you are looking CRAZY!  Some of your smart friends are still with their husband and you are out roaming from man to man trying to find happiness.  It will never happen until you find YOU and the only way that can happen is first finding JESUS!  He is the only that can bring total peace in the midst of a confused mind.

If you are single because of a failed marriage.  Don’t repeat the same foolish things that put you in this position.  Start your life over with JESUS!  Learn to love Him and let him order your footsteps from this point forward.  You will be surprised, when you least expect, God will bring someone in your life you never expected.  This time, you will be prepared to be the wife the Lord has called you to be.  My advise is to be patient and wait on the Lord.  Do not get in a hurry (be anxious for nothing) or you will mistakenly make the choice and not God.  Nine times out of ten, the one you choose will be the wrong one again and again and again and you will repeat your madness until you allow God to take control and order your steps.

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14 thoughts on “Dealing with divorce”

  1. Debbie Richards

    Hi, It’s Debbie!
    I hope you have learned something from the blogs I have posted. They were all written with you in mind. So many women have suffered one hardships after the other, dealing with incredible experiences in their relationships.
    I hope you will consult the Lord Jesus on how to handle yours and find hope and guidance from what you have learned.
    God Bless You,
    Debbie Richards, Author

  2. It does seem very hard to move on after a divorce but like you said with the help of god and positive people around you
    it can seem so easy. I have been divorced before and it was very hard at first but god brought me through the storm and
    now the sun is shining again.

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