Christian women gathering together to discuss pertinent topics pertaining to today’s life as a single, married, separated or divorced women. They are learning from different perspectives on how to cope with every struggle of life. We believe that these life stages cannot be divided because they are all in some way inter-related, whether married or single. The most common saying…


Christian women that are divorced, widowed or all alone, don’t have to worry about the sexual urge if they truly love the Lord. God won’t let you struggle in any area because there is no temptation that the Lord won’t see you through.

Jude 1:24 Now unto Him that is able to keep you from falling, and present you faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy… Amen!

Rotten Relationship

Rotten Relationship A Rotten Relationship could exist in a marriage or even in a live-in relationship. The question is… Are you the victim or the victimizer?  WHOOOO is the victim? I’ve talked with many women in the same situation and every story is the same.  Same game, different players! Are you in a marriage or relationship that sucks? Are you living in misery? Is …

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Dealing with divorce

A SINGLE WOMAN AFTER DIVORCE It is real difficult to start all over after experiencing a life of marriage.  We may not realize it but the very moment that hammer comes down and the Judge says DIVORCED, it is something incomprehensible.  You know you are free but some parts of you feel it’s not over. …

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Being separated from your spouse

WOMEN DEALING WITH SEPARATION We all know it is hard to deal with a difficult spouse and sometimes circumstances force you to separate yourself for many reasons.  It could be safety because of abusiveness (mentally and physically).  Cheating in the relationship has occurred and you just need time away to get your head together.  It …

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Making your marriage marvelous!

MARRIED LIFE AS A WOMAN Well ladies, I know this is one subject that you all want to know more about.  It’s a fact that most women want to be in control.  Why?  We think it saves us from much heartache (will explain more later).  We feel if we can control our husbands, they will …

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Learn how to love your singleness

BEING A SINGLE WOMEN   Now, this is a big topic, Learning How To Love Your Singleness! There are so many single ladies that ask this same question over and over, “how can I make myself happy without a man?”   It’s Easy! You must love the Lord Jesus and allow Him to be your …

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