Become A Souls Winner!

Become A Soul Winner

You can become a Soul Winner by just sharing 5 seconds of your time with someone you happen to pass. I am Deborah Richards, founder of the Your Friend Ministry. I have been passing out a small “Soul Winner’s” card for more than 30 years to help further the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you are a believer, you also have a commission to help win Souls for Jesus Christ. IF YOU ARE NOT SAVED, I urge you to accept JESUS as Your personal Savior, Today! Jesus Loved You So Much, He died to prove it.

This Ministry is 100% about Winning Souls for JESUS. We believe everyone should be winning Souls, regardless of how busy. Your purpose on earth is to be a Jesus employee. If you are not saved, you will definitely benefit from this private Y.F. Ministry. This is not a church organization but a personal mission that hungers to help the sin sick Souls. We need spirit filled churches all over the world with the gifts of helps to become a part of this most needed outreach program. If anyone accepts Jesus because of one of these cards and had no local helps available, it would be a tragedy. Newly converted Souls need the love and support of a spirit filled church family. The Your Friend Card only gives you a personal moment from a short message. It is intended to prompt your inner being to ask one question. Do I Really Know Jesus as my Personal Savior?


  • The recipient receives a card from someone he will most likely never see again.
  • He reads the message.
  • There’s a good chance the message will convict the recipient.
  • There is no pressure to the recipient because it is not a real person bringing the message, but a card with a face.
  • It is now time for him to accept the message on the card, pass it on or discard it.
  • If the card is (discarded) thrown away, God will go on autopilot and will allow other curious people to pick it up and read it. It will work on it’s own! You will see God in action.
  • Others are now reading it, throwing it down and someone else is repeatedly picking it up again. This continues on and on; meaning that one card could possibly save thousands.

Want To Be A Soul Winner?

Living Saved is not a selfish act. Everyday we should be seeking to win as many Souls to Christ as possible. You can actually win a Soul in 5 short seconds by passing out a small card and simply saying to the recipient, “PASS THIS ON TO SOMEBODY YOU CARE ABOUT.” That is it! It’s so easy and painless. That short and simple phrase will get the card from your hand to theirs. What many haven’t learned yet in soul winning, less is best. The bible even says, “Let your words be few and full of grace.” Your job is to get the card out of your hand and into theirs. Then the job is done, complete, successful, in other words, mission accomplished.

A door has been opened whether you ever see the results yourself. The problem with most Soul Winner’s, they want to see the results of their efforts by getting a positive reaction from every recipient they pass a card. God doesn’t always allow us to see the fruit we bare and He has good reason. He wants us to walk by faith and not by sight. We could easily become lifted up in pride if every time we won a Soul we got the credit. We would think we were responsible for every individual’s God encounter. God would no longer get the glory for the Soul, but we would. Remember, God is doing the job through us. Some plant, some water but God gives the increase.

A smile and 3 or 4 short words can warrant a return smile and sometimes even a pleasant response. A lot of words and a stern face will also return the same. Don’t try to save the world with a lot of mouth. God’s spirit in you will do the drawing.

Four Short Success Points:

    • Short message
    • Pleasant smile
    • Quickly end the conversation unless invited to talk.
    • Remember, the card will do the talking for you.


The recipient is wondering, what could be so good that he would want to pass this card on to someone else, so he reads it? Once he realizes what he has read, it is too late. The mission has been successful because the message was read. IT WORKED!

See how easy it is to give someone the gift of eternal life.

If you are interested in sharing in the Your Friend Soul Winner’s Ministry we will help you. Millions of Souls are being lost everyday because of the non-caring attitudes of the Saints God. God needs employees, “The harvest is plenteous but the laborers are few.” GOD NEEDS YOU! “Your Friend Ministries” is trademarked for the purpose of Winning Souls to the body of Christ and nothing else.

If you are willing to give 5 seconds of your time to a Soul, you can become a YOUR FRIEND PARTNER. You can get started with your very own Y.F. personalized cards made with excellence. God should be presented with excellence even in the preparation of a small hand out card. Our Goal is to have as many YF Partners passing the same message all over the world at the same time. If you become a Your Friend Soul Winner, we would love to receive periodic victory progress reports. Be assured, God will not forget your labor of Love. For information on how you can start helping others find there way to Christ Jesus as a YF Partner, contact us today at: [safe_email][/safe_email]

If you don’t have Internet access, contact us at (847) 785-0000

Find your Way Back

“Saint do backslide.” Did you think you were the only one who has ever walked away from God? Let us point you back to the Cross. You are not alone. Let us help you find your way back.”

We represent JESUS and our lives should reflect the same.

John 3:1 My little children, these things write I unto you, that ye sin not. and if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous: 2 And he is the propitiation for our sins; and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world.

We must examine ourselves and try to sustain from wrong at all cost. Most people fail God because of pride. Sometimes people unknowingly put people on pedestals making it very difficult for a falling saint to admit they need help. Their inner spirit cries out for deliverance, while the pride within him fears the opinions of others concerning him. IF A SAINT FALLS, HE MUST HAVE SOMEONE TO GO TO OR HE WILL QUICKLY BECOME “A HYPOCRITE and that is even worst than being an out and out sinner.

If you know, you are a sinner let us Help YOU. You must quickly repent and confess your Sins NOW! Whether you admit to be a sinner or hiding behind a hypocritical mass because of pride, you are still lost. Remember, Winning Souls and losing your own is a trick of the enemy. We hope you will make that step today to let God come back into your life. If you feel uncomfortable about admitting you are doing wrong, at least make the call. We have anonymous counselors to help you get back to GOD. Don’t be ashamed to make the contact.

The bible says, Romans 3:23 “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” Everyone falls at some point and time but we must not stay down. Church people make mistakes, ministers, evangelists, deacons and choir members. If they are honest, they will admit that some of them have already fallen into fornication, adultery, pornography, lying, stealing, drugs and every other abominable thing. What they are not recognizing is that the longer the sins are covered, the harder it is to confess it. Unfortunately, it is not just the big sins that are destroying the Souls but the small hidden ones. Backbiting, un-forgiveness, envy, Pride and even hatred. These are Christian brothers and sister, the ones who are called by the Name of the Lord. Scripture says in II Chronicles 7:14If MY PEOPLE, which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray, and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from Heaven, and will FORGIVE their SINS and will heal their land.

Unfortunately, we see so many people faking salvation and pretending to be filled with the Spirit of God but they are completely empty inside. They have learned how to speak in tongues, praise the Lord, pray down the heavens and preach down kingdoms but they are lost. Their outcome is Hell, if they don’t get help. We can help you! Don’t get caught up in hiding your sins. Don’t let Pride keep you from being delivered. JESUS is married to the backsliders. Repent and come back to God Today. Don’t be a hypocrite another second, the choice is yours. We need you! The harvest is plenteous but the laborers are few. You can even receive ANONYNOUS HELP. Recommit your life to Jesus Today: Click here: [safe_email][/safe_email]

We Need Churches On Call

Qualification: Bible Believing and Spirit Filled with a Passion for Souls.

We are in need of Bible believing church contacts throughout the world that will volunteer their church body with Internet and email capabilities to step up to the calling of God. We need spirit filled local church body’s to receive these Souls after they have they have accepted Christ through the YF Ministry. They need to be encouraged by church missions and personal soul winner’s after God’s own Heart, filled with love and compassion for the LOST. You can register your church by CLICKING HERE

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