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Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I would like to introduce Deborah Richards Christian Inspirational speaker and mother of DeLeon Richards Sheffield, most remembered as the young gospel-recording artist.

Deborah is the founder of this compassionate ministry and reach every Women where ever the are!  She has spoken to many congregations over the years and most recently blessing people with her WOOO Ministry, “Women One On One” which is helping women of all ages cope with life’s most difficult situations, God’s way.  Debbie will bless your ministry with her 2 day life changing events, starting with a Friday evening, Holy Ghost filled service, followed by her “Women’s Morning Out” gathering, filled with powerful One On One discussions or individual days are offered. Women will have the opportunity to share their concerns anonymously in the morning out or be blessed in the dynamic service.

Several pieces of literature have been enclose describing WOOO giving you an overview of what we are all about and the empowerment that it will give to your women.  Deborah also speaks to entire congregation and demonstrates the impact of having Jesus as Lord of their lives and also accepts invitations from churches as well as Women Ministries.  Debbie feels that there is a desperate need for Evangelism to our women and men that are struggling to find themselves in today’s situations.  She has passed out hundreds of thousands of Jesus cards for years and the excitement is still there, every time a soul comes to Christ.

Debbie has an online Soul Saving Ministry that gives, step-by-step instructions on  “How To Be Saved, How to Stay Save and How to be filled with the Holy Ghost!” by visiting… YourFriendMinistries.Com    It is very important to her that all God’s children stay connected with the Word.  “What does it profit a man to gain the hold world and lose his soul?”


The Woman Of God-The Business Entrepreneur

 Deborah (Debbie) Richards is amazing in many ways, as she not only gives God her all; she also finds time to handle multiple responsibilities.  She is a multi-tasker and has made many achievements over the years as a real estate business owner, Pastor and Christian Inspirational speaker.  The information below will only touch the surface of the many accomplishments she has achieved over so many years.

  • Debbie Richards is Co-Pastor of the New Way Of Life Church (COGIC) under the leadership of her husband, Superintendent-Pastor Robert Richards.
  • Founder of WOOO “Women One On One”
  • Christian Counselor that has helped many couples through difficult times their families and marriages.  She also a gift for helping children with family crisis and pier pressure with the help and wisdom of God.
  • Heads an educational intern and mentorship program for excelling high school seniors.
  • Founder of “Your Friend Debbie Ministry” Yourfriendministries.Com or Yourfrienddebbie.Com
  • Known world wide for passing out her Special JESUS Cards to everyone she meets.
  • Other major accomplishments:;  radio host, producer of two church recordings along with her very own “Old Time Gospel CD.  She is a Play writer/producer.  She did the impossible by launching and managing her then 5 year old daughter DeLeon’s career as an (actor, singer & national recording artist).
  • Debbie is a proud member of the National Associations of Realtors since 1988.
  • Licensed Broker in 3 States (Debbie Richards Realty Group, Illinois & Wisconsin, also DeLeon Sheffield Real Estate Company, Florida) all full service real estate offices with her role as CEO/Managing Broker.
  • Real Estate Pre-licensing Instructor for the State of Illinois.
  • A top producing real estate broker since1988, receiving numerous awards and achievements.
  • Inducted into the Century 21 Hall of Fame, garnering the title as a Mega Centurion.
  • Closing over 60-70 transactions a year for 5 consecutive years without assistance.
  • She is a Real Estate “Million Dollar Club” member.
  • Debbie has also owned and operated other successful businesses; an income Tax Service, Construction Company, Day Care and Cleaning Service.
  • Her favorite scripture, “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.”

Debbie’s reputation precedes her as a woman with the utmost integrity. She attributes her success to making God first in her life, above everything!  This is why the WOOO Women’s Ministry has now taken a very special place in her heart for dealing with Women, One On One!  Debbie has always made time to be available to do God’s will!

For More Information: Contact Debbie Richards at   Mailing: P.O. Box 303 North Chicago, IL. 60064 Messages @ (847) 785-0000

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