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About Debbie Richards

My Name is Regina Chamberlain and I would like to share my testimony about a special lady that so many have come to know as Pastor Deborah Richards. “Debbie”, a native of North Chicago, Illinois who has dedicated her life to winning Souls for Jesus Christ, including my own. She is the wife of Pastor Robert Richards and Co-Pastor of the New Way of Life Church of God In Christ in Waukegan, Illinois under her husband’s leadership and Bishop William Haven Bonner 6th Jurisdiction of Illinois, which refers to her as a “Church All By Herself”. Debbie is the mother of renowned gospel singer DeLeon Richards Sheffield and also a savvy entrepreneur. She is a licensed real estate broker-owner in 3 States (Florida, Illinois & Wisconsin) and holds a State License as a Pre-licensed Real Estate Instructor but none of those accomplishments are more important then her love for Jesus Christ.

Pastor Debbie has such an amazing history from an early childhood until now. At the tender age of 4, she was asked to sing before her church congregation and by age of 11 she was skillfully directing her church choir. Debbie traveled with her family’s singing group “The Wallace Harmonetts” and by the time she was eighteen, she was writing, producing and recording original gospel tunes. Her special talents garnered her the position as State Choir director over all the choirs in her jurisdiction, which expanded her opportunities to work with various choirs throughout the U.S. and abroad. These accomplishments were great to Debbie, but not as great as her mission of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Debbie proclaimed at age 20 that she had received a word from God to write this message … “Dear Friend, Have you thought about making JESUS CHRIST your personal Savior? Don’t Wait until it’s too late. JESUS is coming Sooner than you think. Prepare yourself NOW!” She has adamantly carried out this profound assignment by sharing this card with everyone she sees and simply tells them “Smile Jesus Love You”.

Pastor Debbie is a Dynamic Bible Teacher and Anointed Minister of The Gospel Pastor Debbie’s dedication to bringing people to Christ didn’t stop with her Jesus card assignment, she worked for almost 3 decades with at risk youth shuttling them back and forth to church, teaching them how to love God and themselves. Her love was not limited to just helping church youth but helping the unloved as well. Debbie is a woman of excellence and believes that you can do anything with the help of God. She has ministered to countless people, yet there are two individuals who greatly exemplify Debbie’s dedication in touching lives. She met a young man named Jacob, handicapped and living in a homeless state. The neighborhood children taunted him and threw stones at him because of his limp, disheveled appearance and unpleasant smell. Debbie was broken hearted about the treatment this young man was receiving. One day Debbie had the privilege of approaching him on the street and offered him a ride to his destination. She informed the children not to tease or mock him, rather to treat him with love and respect, that he was one of God’s Angel’s. She cleaned Jacob up, turning him into a fresh, good smelling and respectable young man. She bought him clothes to wear to church, helped him get a job and additional assistance for the handicap. Debbie followed the example of JESUS, when He embraced the man with leprosy, when society had cast him out.Daniel was another soul among many that was embraced by Debbie. He was a Viet Nam veteran, living in a nursing home, struggling with an alcohol addiction, smoking and emotionally unstable. Debbie would pick him up for church, visit him at the nursing home and bring him home-cooked meals. During the holidays, Debbie would bring her then, five year old daughter DeLeon, to sing Christmas carols for the nursing home residents. She made friends with the staff and families, bringing love and joy to the otherwise dismal atmosphere. Daniel grew to enjoy coming to church and even joined the choir. Debbie’s outreach ministry not only touched the life of Daniel but also brought a light to the entire nursing home.

I could speak of Pastor Debbie endlessly and never touch the surface. In summary, I want to say that Debbie was my choir director, teacher, minister, and friend. I was blessed to be one of the soul’s she helped make the right turns in life. She took me under her wing and taught me her wisdom and knowledge. Pastor Debbie is an anointed woman of God, and truly embodies the life Christ encourages us to live. I am not the only one, there were generations of individuals that would gladly speak of the influence she had on their lives if given the privilege. Thank you Debbie for giving us, YOU! If anyone is ever blessed to cross this lady’s path, they will never forget her smile and the genuine love she shows to everyone she meets.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator color=”grey” align=”align_center” style=”” border_width=”” el_width=””][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]

The Woman Of God-The Business Entrepreneur

Debbie RichardsDeborah (Debbie) Richards is amazing in many ways.  She not only gives God her all; she also finds time to handle multiple responsibilities.  Real estate business owner,  gospel teacher/preacher, inspirational speaker, pastor, wife, mother and grandma.  The information below will only touch the surface of the many accomplishments Debbie has achieved over the years.

  • Debbie Richards, Co-Pastor of the New Way Of Life Church (COGIC) under the leadership of her husband, Superintendent-Pastor Robert Richards.
  • Founder of WOOO “Women One On One” a complete women’s help group.
  • Christian Counselor, helping many couples, marriages and families through difficult time.  She also helps children through family crisis with God’s guidance.
  • Mentors excelling high school seniors in her educational internship program.
  • Founder of “Your Friend Debbie Ministry” Yourfriendministries.Com aka Yourfrienddebbie.Com
  • Debbie is known world wide for passing out Special “JESUS LOVES YOU’ cards to everyone she meets.
  • Debbie held such titles as radio host, songwriter, producer of several gospel recordings, manager of her then 5 year old daughter DeLeon’s acting, singing & recording career.
  • Debbie is a proud member of the National Associations of Realtors since 1988.
  • Licensed Broker Manager & CEO in 3 States (Debbie Richards Realty Group, Illinois & Wisconsin and DeLeon Sheffield Real Estate Company, Florida) all full service real estate offices.
  • State of Illinois Real Estate Pre-licensing Instructor.
  • A top producing real estate broker since1988, receiving numerous awards and achievements.
  • Inducted into the Century 21 Hall of Fame, garnering the title as a Mega Centurion.
  • Closing over 60-70 transactions a year for 5 consecutive years without assistance.
  • She is a Real Estate “Million Dollar Club” member.
  • Debbie has also owned and operated several other successful businesses;
  • Her favorite scripture, “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

Debbie’s reputation precedes her as a woman of God with the utmost integrity. She attributes her success to making God first in her life!  This is why theWOOO Women’s One On One Ministryhas now taken a very special place in her hear!  Debbie has always made herself available to do God’s will!

For More Information: Contact Debbie Richards at [safe_email]yfdebbie@aol.com[/safe_email]
Mailing: P.O. Box 303 North Chicago, IL. 60064 Messages @ (847) 785-0000[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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